2020 April


Game Designer, Developer


C#, Game Design, Ideation


Adobe XD, Unity, Maya


During the lockdown, time was not lacking ... It was the moment to develop new skills in different fields. For me, it was Game Design and Unity software. I have always loved video games, I find it extraordinary to be able to make the player travel to imaginary worlds. So I created this little game, Amyna, in reference to the first arcade games of the 80s. Nothing beats a retro aspect and electro music for a game in which you have to break asteroids and beat your best score! If you want to play it, it's free on the Play Store ;)


I started by imagining a very simple but quite effective gameplay, destroying asteroids with a ship and get the best highscore. For that I had to model the ship as well as the asteroids on Maya. Subsequently I coded in C # on Unity. Finally I asked a friend to make music on the electro-retro theme!

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