2022 July-September


Product Designer, Developer


UI/UX Design, User test, PHP, CSS, API


Figma, Maze, Visual Studio Code



Ouranos is a specialized weather service for astronomers. Being an amateur astronomer myself, I realized that there was no ergonomic and user-friendly interface offering reliable and targeted forecasts for astronomers. When starting this project, I was aiming to deepen my skills in user testing with Maze, advanced prototyping on Figma as well as coding! I invite amateur astronomers to test this service for their future astro evenings!


In order not to be biased by my needs as an astronomer, I decided to survey to take a step back on users' needs. Thanks to this survey I was able to know which forecast information is useful for a good forecast. Users put forward 5 essential information: Cloud cover, seeing, transparency, wind and humidity. This survey also allowed me to know at what time scale the user consults the forecast. 96% of users answered that they consulted the forecast a few hours before their observation session and 72% a few days before.


Following this survey, I was able to start making the first low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes.

User Testing

To validate wireframes but also to challenge features, I performed user-testing with the Maze online tool. For example, thanks to these tests and users' feedbacks, the visual order of the information was questioned and challenged.


Then I started the development of Ouranos. To make this service as accessible as possible and on as many devices as possible, I chose to develop Ouranos as a progressive web app. The advantages would be multiple: the same code for Android and iOS or any other operating system, no download for the user and an experience similar to a native application.


Now that the service is active, I set up a user feedback process. Using Google Forms, I collect the feedback, then I translate the feedback into features to perform user tests. Then I integrate the relevant features into Ouranos.

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